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Site Georges Charpak, Gardanne (Bouches-du-Rhône)


Micro-packaging constitutes a vital link in the value chain between silicon technologies and the increasing need for integrating complex electronic solutions. Today this activity challenges: the arrival of heterogeneous integrated systems, the explosion of applications in daily life (smartcards, RFID Tags, security tokens, etc.) and higher security of these systems faced with ever more sophisticated attacks.


The purpose of the paltform is to serve the smartcard community by providing a R&D technological equipment cofinanced by its members and by synergies between research and industry in order to sustain regional development towards new markets for secure communicating objects. The equipment available on the platform and the cooperative projects will lead to innovative solutions for integration, and for micro-packaging on flexible substrates, while increasing their security, reliability and interoperability. 

R&D themes

Micro-assembly on flexible substrates

Printed electronics

Trusted devices and cryptography

Conformity, interoperability and uses


The platform meets 2 types of request:

Access to our shared R&D equipment

Cooperative R&D project setup

About us

Since 2005 the Provence Microelectronics Centre has sheltered the cooperative R&D platform "Micro-PackS", the first national R&D structure for micro-technology assembling integrating security issues. It aims at developing synergies around micropackaging and security, two strong regional competences which have to be preserved and developed on new markets and new uses.
The association is composed of eight members who manage this open structure through cooperative projects or provision of services : 2 industrial leading groups (Gemalto and STMicroelectronics), 3 SMEs from the smartcard industry (NBS Technologies, SPS and STID) and 3 academic partnerships (CEA-Leti, LIRMM and ENSMSE).
The platform functioning is based on a support team of seven people working full time, detached by the paltform members (Operational Director, Financial Manager, Assistant, Engineers, Technicians) and on a  budget balanced by the members' contributions.
The Provence Microelectronics Centre is of course at the heart of the scientific concerns of Micro-PackS through the research activities of the platform departments PS2 and SAS and of the CEA-Leti joint team.

Micro-PackS has been given important scientific and technical means (over 7 M€ for cooperative equipement by the end of 2008) spred over 600 m² of clean rooms and as many m² of laboratories.
The equipment is divided into several large modules of means: 

Prototyping line for Micro-assembly

Prototype platform of printed electronics for assembling characterization

Imaging workshop for characterization

Secure characterization laboratory for chips and assemblings

RF pre-certification platform


The paltform equipment is shared by industrials and has been cofinanced by Regional, General and City Councils:

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