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ARCSIS was imagined and created in 1993 under the name CREMSI by the players of the regional microelectronics industry, and has never stopped improving its fields of action in order to respond better as their needs change.  It unites 3 leading groups - Atmel, Gemalto, STMicroelectronics - and several dozens of small and mid size companies, as well as about fifteen engineering schools, research laboratories and universities of the region. ARCSIS has managed a major collaborative research and development program: CIM PACA (PACA Integrated Microelectronic Center) and the three platforms: CIM PACA Design, CIM PACA Characterization and CIM PACA Micro-PackS.

ARCSIS is a true extender of know-how, offering to its members the opportunity to discover and appreciate each other and pool their human and technical competences in order to forge together innovations and products aimed at making our daily lives easier today and tomorrow. ARCSIS is also supported by a large network of partners offering advanced electronic circuit design technologies and maintains a privileged link with SAME (Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics association)

ARCSIS participates in assuring sustainability, full economic development and enhanced competitiveness of the regional microelectronics industry and communicating objects through several objectives and actions :

Favor the setup and implementation of common research projects between regional companies and laboratories 

Facilitate access to regional, national and European programs

Anticipate, identify and host activities and trades to complement the industry upstream and downstream

Stimulate "B to B" relations between designers and suppliers of components and equipment, production units and specialized service providers

Assist small and mid size companies to reach a critical size

Institute gateways with other industry-specific professional networks

Structure and interconnect technological watch and cost-efficient intelligence practices

ARCSIS is also the microelectronics component of the world-ranking competitiveness cluster - "Secured Communicating Solutions", uniting for the first time on common projects companies, laboratories and universities of microelectronics, software and telecommunications in innovative governance modes.

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