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ARCSIS leads a network of industrials and academics players to bring together specialized competences from silicon to commucating objects.
Its 58 members include companies, laboratories and research centers, universities, members and associatives partners. ARCSIS is also supported by many institutionals partners.

ARCSIS covers a large range of competences.
We invit you to discover members know-how:

AEMtec member of the exceet Group has excellence in (opto) electronics and sensor systems offering packaging services including product / process development and high-end chip level technologies.
In a solutions-oriented dialogue with our clients - listening, understanding & advising - we define concrete expectations in terms of product functionality. Our combination of development and manufacturing competency and special know-how in professional lifecycle management provides the basis for happy customers. SAP-guided processes help us to help you optimize your supply chain petformance and production yield
AEMtec supports projects of nationally and internationally active enterprises. Miniaturized electronics by AEMtec are used e.g. in the medical, data- and telecommunications, industrial & automation, semiconductor, security and automotive industries.
AEMtec is accredited for the qualitv standards required bv these markets
The three universities of Aix-Marseille (Univ. de Provence, Univ. de la Méditerranée, Univ. Paul Cézanne) mergered on January 1, 2012, in order to create a new and unique entity, the Aix-Marseille University.
Leading designer and manufacturer of microcontrollers and advanced semiconductors
Expertise in physical and chemical characterization of surfaces and interfaces in advanced materials for the electronics, microelectronics and PV industry.
Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies Centre of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
CEA-LETI is an applied research center for microelectronics and for information and healthcare technologies.
Interdisciplinary Centre of Nanoscience of Marseilles
The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center of Scientific Research) Provence and Corsica.
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region
The Center for particle physics of Marseilles
Biophy Research provides all means to identify and to solve your problems with material surfaces: Adhesion, wettability, biocompatibility, gluing, printability, wear, lubrification, contamination, segregation, failures... are key issues in multifunctional materials for the industry of the future.

Crosslux develops, manufactures, and markets an innovative, transparent photovoltaic glazing primarily intended for providing a local energy source for office buildings. The glazing is an integral part of a complete solution including visual and thermal impact simulation tools, current conversion, cabling, joinery, and remote computer management. Target customers are architects and general contractors involved in the design of near zero energy buildings.

Regionals Directions of Indusry, Research and Environment
Ecole Centrale-trained alumni, known as  "Centraliens", go on to become leaders, equipped with a sound background in science and technology, with a facility for integrating and assimilating complex information, for creativity and innovation.
EDEN Instruments is a high-tech company specializing in the distribution of Electron Microscopy equipment.
We deliver a wide range of accessories dedicated to the sample study in SEM microanalysis EDS, EBSD, WDS, for In-Situ TEM/SEM electron microscopy, for correlative microscopy (SCLEM) and sample preparation.

EDITAG is a connected objects manufacturer offering professional solutions dedicated to industrial and cultural environments.


Encapsulix provides Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment with high throughput for encapsulation of large area electronic components such as OLED’s, photovoltaics, batteries, ..etc.


eXelsius is a global supplier of equipment and services didicated to the electronics industry from back-end semiconductor packaging through board assembly and final test.

eXelsius researches, develops, makes manufacture, markets and supports an extensive range of innovative state-of-the-art which increase productivity throughout electronics manufacturing lines while enhancing the quality of finished products.

FOCUSSIA is an IT Consulting company specialized in the software integration for the semiconductors industry.
We provide solutions to the equipment manufacturers to allow them to connect their equipment with the host systems of the semiconductors manufacturers thanks to the SECS/GEM protocol (200 and 300mm).
Our offer starts from the study of the need in adequacy with the specifications of the end customer, up to the implementation of the solution then in its support and its maintenance.
We also provide trainings about the SEMI standards (E4, E5, E30, and the 300 mm extensions …) as well as consulting and software development services (integration of protocols, sensors, simulators, supervisors).
Engineering company  created  in  1983, is  now  a  worldwide  known  reference  in the  field  of  high accuracy dimensional metrology.
Developer of interfaces with and without contact.
Gemalto’s end-to-end security solutions are designed to make personal digital interactions more convenient, safe and enjoyable.
Our activities range from the development of software applications through the design and production of secure personal devices such as smart cards, SIMs, e-passports and tokens, to the deployment of managed services for our customers.

Genes'Ink designs, manufactures and commercialises electronic inks based on nanoparticles 
for RFID, security printing and screens applications.

Genes'Ink specialises in the production of these products and their adaptation to the current 
means of printing, such as ink-jet printing.

watch Genes'Ink has a strong R&D team with specialists in organic and inorganic chemistry. 
At present, the company employs 12 people with 8 full time R&D employees.

Genes‘Ink's goal is to become the technology leader in nano products for printed electronics 
with applications in areas such as touchscreens, sensors and packaging.

IBS is the European leader for ion implantation solutions, it offers ion implantation foundry services, R&D and production ion implanters manufacturing, electronics repair, source and subassemblies rebuilds and major electronics and mechanical retrofits.
The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
Insight SIP is a fabless RF system-in-package (SiP) company.
Invia delivers communication and security IPs that improve our customer products.  We place strong emphasis on developing innovative design techniques that adds value for our customers.

Kontron, a global leader in embedded computing technology and trusted advisor in IoT, works closely with its customers, allowing them to focus on their core competencies by offering a complete and integrated portfolio of hardware, software and services designed to help them make the most of their applications.
With a significant percentage of employees in research and development, Kontron creates many of the standards that drive the world’s embedded computing platforms; bringing to life numerous technologies and applications that touch millions of lives. The result is an accelerated time-to-market, reduced
total-cost-of-ownership, product longevity and the best possible overall application with leading-edge, highest reliability embedded technology.

The Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics
Maxim is a semiconductor fabless company that designs complex System on Chips  (SoC) and supplies secure hardware and software solutions from the terminal design to the production.

Microelectronics supply specialist :
Equipment and furnitures for semiconductors and associated industries Spécializing in electrical measurements and characterization under needles.

The global supplier of innovative materials and products based on organised nanostructures.

Neowave is a leader on strong authentication and secured transactions. Neowave products combine the high level of security powered by smart card with storage and connectivity technologies : USB, RFID/NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
Neowave products target the digital security markets.

NovaPack Technologies
Assembly Engneering
The mission of the association Optitec is to organize and promote the optics-photonics sector in the south-east of France.

Orsay Physics is now a world leader in the field of customized Focused Ion and Electron Beam columns and related equipment such as Gas Injection Systems. Our key strength is that we manage the whole process internally from the conception through to commercial manufacture passing via design, development and prototype production.


Presto Engineering provides comprehensive semiconductor industrialization and production solutions to IDM, fabless and electronics companies.
Presto Engineering is a recognized expert in the development of test solutions for component characterization and production. This expertise, combined with state-of-the-art ESD, reliability and failure analysis capabilities, produces a competitive advantage for our customers in optimizing end-product performance and accelerating time to market. We offer, from our different hubs in California : San Jose and in France : Caen, Grenoble and Meyreuil in France, turn-key solutions from customer tape-out to delivery of finished goods to end-customer(s), including assembly, test, qualification, industrialization, and production sustaining activities.

SEMI is the global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, display and photovoltaic industries. SEMI member companies (more than 2000) are the engine of the future, enabling smarter, faster and more economical products that improve our lives.

Since 1970, SEMI has been committed to helping members grow more profitably, create new markets and meet common industry challenges.
Smart Packaging Solutions is an innovative and dynamic company specialized in the development, manufacture and selling of modules and electronic microsystems on flexible substrates.

Nouveau texte anglais : StarChip® is a semiconductor company operating in the market segment of secure 32-bit microcontrollers. StarChip® is focused on research and development, industrialization and manufacturing of highly secure integrated circuits for the smart card market, including SIM cards, Banking and Identity markets, either “contact” or “contactless”.


STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 7.40 billion in 2014. The group has approximately 43,600 employees, 11 main manufacturing sites, advanced research and development centers in 10 countries, and sales offices all around the world.

ST focuses its product strategy :
- on sense and power technologies, automotive products,
- and embedded-processing solutions.

The Sense and Power segment encompasses MEMS and sensors, power discrete, and advanced analog products. The Automotive portfolio covers all key application areas from powertrain and safety to car body and infotainment.

The Embedded Processing Solutions include microcontrollers, digital consumer and imaging products, and digital ASICs.

From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, ST products are found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's lives.

"What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface" - Based on a principal of optics, WYSIPS technology builds solar panels into a surface without changing its appearance.
Symes, is a design office specializing in the Internet of objects, offering the latest technologies. Sigfox, LoRa or other.
Synergie Cad Probe SA founded in July 2004, is a worldwide probe card and test interface manufacturer, it is an innovative company for the microelectronic industry. They combine engineering, sales, customer supporting, manufacturing and quality. They are a member of Synergie cad Group, which offers turnkey electronic Solutions.
TAGSYS designs and manufactures comprehensive HF and UHF RFID systems infrastructure for item-level tracking in a variety of industries.
Scientific and Technical university of Montpellier .
VEGATEC is designing and manufacturing  heat treatment equipments and chemical vapor deposition reactors for micro and nano technologies. In addition, VEGATEC proposes services on heat treatments such as very thick oxidation of silicon substrates for optical applications.
Rousset is located on the "High Technology Road". For more than thirty five years, the industrial zone welcomes competitive companies with various activities.
WISeKey is a leading cybersecurity company. WISeKey’s Swiss based cryptographic Root of Trust (“RoT”) serves as a common trust anchor, which is recognized by the operating system and applications, to ensure the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of on-line transactions. With the cryptographic RoT embedded on the device, the IoT product manufacturers can use digital certificates to secure interactions among objects and between objects and people.
Engineering College

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